Artwork Scanning


We are setup to scan or photograph your 2D designs.

Meticulous workflow ensures color, brightness, texture, etc are consistent with the look of the original.

We deliver - image files optimized for print / web in whatever format you request (typically .jpg or .tif)

Your images are also archived here unless you request we delete them.

1-2 days to have the image files transferred to you, or at least a couple hours if you are in a rush.

600 DPI flatbed Scan (up to 11" x 14") or apx 50MP Photo shot (prints up to 60" x 40")

$75 - The raw camera file is tweaked in Photoshop (if necessary) to achieve an exact match to your original

            on our color calibrated monitors. No hard copy proofing done. Most are very happy with this option.

$150 - 3 hard copy proofs apx 15" x 10" with very minor tweaks made between prints to achieve that perfect

           replica print file. Proof prints are done on Breathing Color matte photo paper and are yours to keep.

      $300 - Super sized image - apx 200MP using multiple stitched images / pixel shift / blending - 3 proofs included.

Recommended if you plan to print larger than 60" x 40" 

Contact us to arrange a time to drop off your originals

Try to avoid gloss varnishing your paintings before bringing them in to be scanned. This will offer a better quality scan.

If your artwork is in a frame behind glass, please remove the art before bringing it in if possible.