LED Backlit Boxes

A dynamic method of displaying Art, Photography and Signage. Your image is back-lit (not edge-lit) from within the box by hundreds of low voltage (12V-DC) SMD3528 LED's (Apx 5200K cool white) Color, depth and detail are displayed in a radical almost 3D look, hard to achieve with other methods of image display. The image you order with your LED box is printed on Polyester translucent film. Regular papers and films can not create the amazing vibrancy and pop that a Translucent film creates for back-lit applications. A diffusion layer is part of the print, combined with a second diffusion layer within the box which offers even lighting. LED lifespan is rated 50,000 hours.

Black LED box frames

- Any custom size 12x18" up to 32x40" - Your first print is included and loaded in the LED box.
- Exchanging prints is simple, no tools required.
- The size you order is the image print size, the LED box itself is apx 2" wider and taller.
- Your print rests behind 1/8" Non-Glare acrylic (Plexi)
- Indoor use only.

The frames are Satin Black

   1" wide and 2" deep.

We recommend ordering Backlit Translucent film for best results on future prints.

There is no need to darken your image file. Please send your file as you would normally edit brightness on-screen.

The print film has a diffusion layer that accounts for the added back-lighting.

A 12V DC power transformer and a remote with On-Off / Dimmer / Effects is included with the package.
If your LED box is for signage or marketing - special effects are built into the remote (strobe effects).
The transformer amperage is matched with the size of the LED box. Typically 2 or 5 Amp.
The 12V power cord exits the box on the lower back of the frame. The power transformer is external.
Ideally the cord is fished through the wall directly behind the box to keep the wire concealed (handyman required).
If that is not an option, there are other creative ways of concealing the wire.



On off switch with dimmer and special effects
12v dc powered led box

   2 Amp

Small to Medium

   5 Amp 

Medium to Large

12v DC adapter for backlit boxes
Led configuration

Full LED backlighting

Layers of our LED backlit lightboxes

LED lightbox layers