Metal Prints

Our Metal Prints are Vibrant, HD with a scratch proof Matte or High Gloss finish.

The print is Vibrant White or Brushed Aluminum

The Metal substrate is Dibond - a 1/8" thick Aluminum composite.

Dibond is comprised of two thin sheets of aluminum on each side of a solid black polyethylene core.

Lightweight and very rigid. The edges are finished square and smooth with our carbide trimmer. 

We use archival inks and a scratch proof UV front finish so you can enjoy your Metal Print for a lifetime.

Upload your own image while placing an order or choose an image from the Art Store.

Options for Metal Prints:

Print on: Vibrant White (Matte or High Gloss)

or Brushed Aluminum (Matte only)

Please be aware: High gloss metal prints may show a very subtle texture

and/or micro divots, we are at the mercy of the aluminum manufacturers.

If you need a perfect smooth high gloss finish, Acrylic prints are a better option.

Vibrant White offers the best sharpness, detail and color precision (Fine Art & Photo)

Brushed Aluminum offers a unique industrial look (Diplomas, signage, awards)

If in doubt you can't go wrong with the Vibrant White Matte!

Vibrant White - Matte

Vibrant White - High Gloss

Brushed Aluminum - Matte only

           Pricing - Common sizes

     4” x  6”  - Matte $31 / Gloss $37

     8” x 12” - Matte $44 / Gloss $52

   12” x 18” - Matte $64 / Gloss $76

   16” x 24” - Matte $93 / Gloss $110

   20” x 30” - Matte $130 / Gloss $154

   24” x 36” - Matte $175 / Gloss $207

   28” x 42” - Matte $229 / Gloss $270

   32” x 48” - Matte $290 / Gloss $343

   36” x 54” - Matte $360 / Gloss $426

   40” x 60” - Matte $438 / Gloss $518

Any custom size up to 40" x 60"

There is no extra cost for odd sizes

Shipping is $29 in SW Canada - Up to 24" x 36"

Contact us for other shipping rates. Free pick-up

Aluminum easels are used on pieces up to 12" x 12" Pieces larger than 12" x 12" have a full frame float mount hanging system.

Our simple float mount hanging system lifts your Metal Print off the wall apx 1 inch. All hardware is included and attached to the back.

Up to 12" x 12"

Small Metal Prints can be hung

on a wall and also include a

support to sit on a table

Over 12" x 12"

Framed Metal Prints

Satin black 1.4" width beveled wood frame - Included by request at no extra cost.

The size you order is the print size, framed size will be apx 2" wider and taller.

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